The decentralized trading platform TTSSwap officially launched the T chain at 15:00 on June 5th

Official announcement: TTSSwap, the decentralized trading platform that pioneered the “one coin, one price” trading mechanism, officially launched the TTS public chain – T Chain at 15:00 on June 5th.

T Chain is a public chain for commercial applications with cross-chain attributes that the TTSSwap decentralized exchange has developed since the beginning of its implementation, which can help WEB3.0 be implemented widely, quickly and safely. The flexible, concise and efficient application interface and cross-chain system of T-chain can quickly build various distributed commercial application services of the TTS ecosystem. For example, the T chain can provide safe, convenient and efficient underlying application support for the TTS Metaverse Ecology.


TTS public chain – T chain

T Chain is a public chain of commercial applications with cross-chain attributes that the TTSSwap decentralized exchange has developed since the beginning of its implementation. The launch of T-chain can better protect user privacy. Once all data and rules are written, they are permanently retained and cannot be modified by anyone; with the formation of consensus verification nodes with a wide range of participants in TTS, protocol management is open and transparent; at the same time, T-chain supports All business activities of TTS ecology help WEB3.0 to be implemented widely, quickly and safely, such as the entire economic system of the Swap ecology and the social and economic governance system in the Metaverse ecological world. The flexible, concise and efficient application interface and cross-chain system can quickly build various distributed commercial application services of the TTS ecosystem.

C:Users枫林Desktop3.jpg3Why TTSSwap chooses T chain?

The bottom layer that can be carried by any transaction volume is the chain, not the DEX itself. Only the integrity of the ecology can truly bring traffic to the DEX exchange. The best. UniSwap chose the Ethereum public chain ecosystem. Ethereum’s high gas fees and transaction congestion made many users discouraged; PancakeSwap chose the BSC public chain, and Binance’s powerful user resources gave PancakeSwap unique support; while TTSSwap chose the industry’s fastest speed The fastest, the lowest cost, with cross-chain attributes, it has been built and developed on the public chain T-chain of basic commercial applications carrying hundreds of billions of transactions.

Relying on the ultra-high TPS and transaction confirmation speed of the T chain, TTSSwap can realize a complex “one coin, one price” transaction mechanism, which involves a large number of automated smart contracts with complex logical sequences, such as all tokens on the TTSSwap exchange are priced There is a set of independent calculation formulas, which can ensure that the token has one price per coin during the transaction, with accurate, error-free, and 0 slippage transactions. At the same time, T Chain also supports all commercial activities of the TTS ecosystem, TTS token ecosystem, TTS legal currency ecosystem, TTS service fee ecosystem, and TTS metaverse ecosystem.

Such a complex model can only ensure its availability if it is carried on a public chain network with high throughput and timely transaction confirmation. The powerful infrastructure of T-chain ensures that the complex data of TTSSwap can be smoothly uploaded to the chain. It has inherent advantages in the traditional problems faced by DEX such as transaction and slippage transaction failure.

TTS Metaverse Ecology will be gradually applied to the T chain

At present, the T chain has been officially launched, and the various ecosystems of TTS will gradually be applied to the T chain. The TTS metaverse ecology has also reached the final critical stage. With the launch of the T chain, all the data and ecology of the TTS metaverse will be gradually applied to the T chain.

As the underlying public chain of the TTS metaverse ecology, T chain is the TTS metaverse supercomputing system, which will solve the following problems:

1. The fusion of the physical world and the virtual digital world;

2. Metaverse digital identity certificate;

3. Metaverse asset confirmation;

4. Safe exchange of Metaverse assets;

5. The development of various ecological applications of Metaverse to enhance the experience of the Metaverse;

6. WEB3.0 support;

7. Interaction between metaverses;

T-chain satisfies the technical design scheme of Metaverse:

●Enhanced NFT technology, which can fully satisfy the mapping between the real world and the metaverse.

●Place the DeFi function between the consensus layer and the application layer to reduce the difficulty of developers and enhance the security of the Metaverse.

●Support TTS metaverse storage.

●A decentralized system that supports DAO governance.

●Combining NFT, GAME, and DeFi to directly extend a variety of application business logic to the L1 layer. It also supports L2 layer smart contract development.

●Support cross-chain operations within the Metaverse ecosystem.

●Support the operation of a complete economic system within the Metaverse ecology.

●Support inter-system operations between metaverses.

T Chain satisfies the social and economic governance system of an independent metaverse world. Through block confirmation and flexible, concise and efficient application interfaces, various distributed commercial application services of TTS metaverse can be quickly constructed.

C:Users枫林Desktop2.jpg2TTSSwap – a decentralized exchange that pioneered the “one coin, one price” trading mechanism

TTSSwap is a global cryptocurrency decentralized exchange established in January 2022. Using the new trading model of one coin and one price, it can completely achieve accurate and error-free trading, realize the spiral upward law, completely zero slippage transactions, bold innovation, and create new rules for blockchain transactions.

The key point of the one-coin-one-price trading mechanism is the block speed of the main chain. Under the premise of no errors, transactions with zero slippage can be fully realized. The unique charm of the transaction mechanism is that through the independent calculation formula, the decentralized block calling contract technology can realize fully automatic control of the disk. The currency price is dominated by the mechanism, and individual behaviors are placed under the mechanism to truly realize the autonomous transaction of the decentralized community.

TTSSwap selects high-quality currencies through a strict listing review mechanism to provide global trading users with safe and reliable digital asset transactions. At the same time, the unique trading mechanism fully automatically determines the market trend, truly realizes community autonomous trading, and returns a high-quality digital asset trading environment for all players in the currency circle.

TTSSwap has passed the security audit of Certik Company in the United States

TTSSwap is a fully decentralized exchange. It has officially passed the CK audit by the US authoritative organization on the evening of February 21, 2022, and officially received the Certik audit report on February 22, 2022, confirming that there are no contract loopholes and it is 100% safe. . Certik was established by scientific research teams from Yale University and Columbia University with decades of research results. It provides code security audit services for blockchain applications and smart contracts through “deep specification” formal verification technology. It also provides the highest level of code security solutions for smart contracts and blockchain applications and protocols with formal verification technology, and has done security audits for well-known projects such as Binance and Coinbase.


TTSSwap will fully integrate the resource advantages, regional advantages, service advantages, team advantages and brand advantages of all parties, do a good job in every detail, and escort the assets of all capital, listing institutions and users with a more professional, high-quality and responsible vision.

At present, the launch of the T chain will better promote the safe, stable and decentralized implementation of all TTS ecosystems including the TTS Metaverse, help WEB3.0 to be implemented more widely, quickly and safely, and bring more benefits to users of the entire network. So many new opportunities.

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