Hotcoin will launch Lucky (LUCKY) trading on April 30th at 14:00.


According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, Lucky/USDT trading will commence on April 30th at 14:00 (UTC+8), with Lucky deposits opening at 17:00 on the same day and Lucky withdrawals opening at 14:30.

Lucky is the sole governance token of the Lucky Club ecosystem application, developed on the ETH Layer2 for decentralized entertainment ecosystems. It primarily drives user participation through Web3.0 entertainment applications, while also allowing users to engage in ecosystem mining. This enables users to experience various features of the ecosystem applications and receive corresponding token rewards. As user engagement increases, the entire Web3.0 entertainment ecosystem will be further enhanced.


Why is Now the Best Time to Invest in All Universe?

There is no doubt that All Universe is one of the few platforms on the market with a combination of “innovative business model, tangible commercial viability, strong revenue-generating capability and backing from capital institutions.” Here’s why now is the best time to consider investing in All Universe.

In just a short time, All Universe has helped tens of thousands of people increase their portfolio. With more and more individuals improving their quality of life through the convergence of “internet economy, crypto economy and real-world economy.” For those affected by the global economic downturn, All Universe represents an unprecedented new opportunity. Delving deeper into the platform reveals many advantages that make now the best time to invest.

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Backed by Capital Institutions · Stable Cash Flow

All Universe has the support of strong capital institutions with its parent company being Apex Technology Ltd. Additionally, it is supported by Apex Capital and the Silicon Hills Apex Foundation, providing sustained funding and resources for steady market developments, creating a more reliable investment environment for investors.

Diversified Business Ecosystem · Sustainable Revenue Generation

All Universe is an application platform that integrates internet economy, crypto economy, and real-world economy. Focusing on creating diversified business investment pathways through digital assets. It includes multiple business sectors like decentralized finance, traditional financial systems, agriculture and livestock, AI, education and planning, healthcare, mining and energy, entertainment and leisure, and trade and retail. Among these, decentralized finance, agriculture and livestock and AI form a comprehensive source of diversified revenue generation.

Diversified Investment Strategy · Ensuring National Growth and Profits

All Universe operates similarly to a trust fund, with a foundation of professional research teams and diversified ecosystems that effectively manage risk through diversified investment strategies. By spreading investments across various ecosystems and industries, including but not limited to decentralized finance, traditional financial systems, AI, agriculture, healthcare, mining and energy, entertainment and leisure, it reduces risk and ensures diversified growth. This approach helps to balance risk and reward by providing stability even when some sectors may not perform well.

UNV Circulation Enhancement Mechanism · Potential for 100x Returns

UNV is the core token in the All Universe ecosystem, with a total supply of 2.1 billion, eventually deflating to 210 million tokens. All Universe has introduced several mechanisms to enhance UNV’s value, such as launching new applications to strengthen UNV’s supply and demand, setting it as a common token for e-commerce, entertainment, and retail trade, and using it as a settlement medium between businesses, which increases its visibility in the secondary market. In addition, UNV’s deflation model involves automatically burning unclaimed rewards from the personal reward pool every month, ensuring a consistent value increase over time.

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Nasdaq Listing · Achieving a Coin-Stock Dual Win

All Universe has an innovative “coin-stock dual win” mechanism, with a vision for a Nasdaq listing in the future. This means users who participate in the UNV token ecosystem can not only enjoy the value growth but also share the benefits when the ecosystem successfully lists on the stock exchange, providing a comprehensive investment opportunity.

In this new era, All Universe leads the way with new opportunities, welcoming everyone as participants, value providers, and wealth creators. Welcome to All Universe.

Penta Elements:Leading an epoch-making financial revolution

The Penta Elements official online launch event has sparked a global frenzy among investors! Regardless of their location, they actively participated, collectively witnessing this epoch-making financial revolution. The event not only attracted widespread attention but also ignited investors’ deep desire for the tremendous returns Penta Elements could bring. Especially during the launch of the Penta mining machine during the pre-launch recruitment phase, with its unique mining and burning mechanisms, it not only ensured a continuous surge in coin prices but also sparked enthusiasm among users, many expressing their intent to invest in the Penta mining machine.

Moreover, the CEO of Penta Elements, Mr. Thompson, personally attended the conference and shared his unique insights into the future of blockchain and blockchain gaming with Penta users. He delved into the revolutionary significance of blockchain technology in the financial sector and envisioned its future application prospects. Particularly in the current bullish market, he pointed out strategies and methods for investors to seize opportunities and achieve personal wealth growth. This deep interaction with the CEO not only deepened users’ understanding of blockchain technology but also broadened their investment horizons, providing valuable guidance for future wealth growth.

During the conference, users expressed full confidence in Penta Elements future development. They are optimistic about Penta Elements leading position in the blockchain industry, as well as its unique business model and innovative products. The purchase of the limited 188 Penta mining machines during the pre-launch recruitment phase became a hot topic of discussion, with users eagerly reserving over 100 Penta mining machines in hopes of sharing the generous returns brought by Penta after its official launch.

Furthermore, users are eagerly anticipating Penta Elements upcoming launch of the NFT series next month. This series of NFTs, with its unique elemental dragon design and built-in return rates for each collection, has attracted considerable market attention. These uniquely designed NFTs have aroused strong interest among users, who are eagerly awaiting the release of the final two NFTs in the same series. This peak of anticipation not only demonstrates users’ confidence in Penta Elements future development but also reflects the market’s recognition and appreciation of its innovative products.

With the NFT market continuing to heat up, Penta Elements NFT series will become a sought-after hot asset among users. Its unique design and high return rates will attract more investors’ attention and participation, further propelling Penta Elements leading position in the digital asset field. The launch of this NFT series will not only enrich Penta Elements product line but also provide users with more diversified investment options, helping them achieve wealth growth and asset diversification.

In conclusion, the Penta Elements official online launch event has attracted global investors’ attention with its rich and captivating agenda. Users are confident in Penta Elements leading position in the blockchain field and its innovative products, looking forward to gaining more returns and opportunities through investing in Penta Elements. With Penta Elements continuously introducing new products and services, its influence in the fintech field is expected to expand further, bringing users even more generous returns and broader development opportunities.

Hotcoin will launch BORZOI (BORZOI) trading at 16:00 on April 18th.

According to the official announcement from Hotcoin, BORZOI/USDT trading will be available starting from 16:00 (UTC+8) on April 18, 2024. Deposits for BORZOI will open at 00:00 on April 18th, and withdrawals for BORZOI will be available from 16:00 on April 18th.

$Borzoi is an experimental MEME project initiated by a well-known community with over 200,000 top-level private domain traffic, in collaboration with dozens of communities. The project aims to create a fairer MEME in the Solana ecosystem.

Flower Exchange: Enjoy a smooth trading experience

In today’s crypto asset market, traders have extremely high requirements for choosing a safe and efficient exchange. As one of the pioneers in the field of crypto asset trading, Flower Exchange attracts more and more traders with its rich trading characteristics and excellent service quality. In this article, we will focus on introducing the smooth trading characteristics of Flower Exchange and take you to explore it.

1. Matchmaking mechanism:

Flower Exchange adopts advanced matching mechanism to ensure the speed and accuracy of transaction execution. Our matching engine has high stability and reliability, which can achieve fast matching of high-frequency trading and block trading, providing traders with a smooth trading experience. Whether you are pursuing short-term profits or long-term investments, Flower Exchange’s matching mechanism can meet your needs and help you easily cope with market fluctuations.

2. Transaction depth:

We are committed to building a dynamic and liquid trading platform. By attracting more traders and liquidity providers to join, our trading depth continues to expand, providing traders with a wider range of trading options and more stable market prices. Whether you are trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto assets, Flower Exchange can provide you with sufficient trading depth to ensure that you can quickly complete transactions and have satisfactory trading experience at any time.

3. Price difference protection:

In order to protect the interests of traders, Flower Exchange has implemented strict price difference protection measures. We use technical means and market monitoring to timely detect and correct abnormal price differences, ensuring that traders can obtain fair and reasonable trading prices on our platform. Whether you are trading at market price or limit price, Flower Exchange can provide you with the best trading execution price, allowing you to enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of trading.

1.Regulatory Compliance:

Flower Exchange operates under the supervision and review of regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, safeguarding user rights. We actively apply for and hold regulatory licenses to ensure our trading platform operates within a compliant framework, undergoing regular inspections and supervision by regulatory bodies.

2.Fund Segregation:

We strictly separate user funds from the platform’s own funds, employing independent account storage and management for user funds to ensure they are not used for the exchange’s operational or investment activities. This fund segregation system effectively protects the security and privacy of user funds.

3.Multi-Signature Technology:

To enhance transaction security, we employ multi-signature technology, requiring multiple parties to sign off on transactions. This effectively mitigates the risk of attacks or tampering by a single node, safeguarding the security of user funds and the reliability of transactions.

4.Cold and Hot Wallet Storage:

We store the majority of user funds in cold wallets, offline storage to prevent network attacks and hacker intrusions, while reserving a portion of funds in hot wallets for daily trading to ensure transaction efficiency and liquidity.

5.Security Authentication and Encryption Technology:

We utilize advanced security authentication and encryption technologies, including SSL encrypted transmission, two-factor authentication, etc., to protect users’ personal information and transaction data from malicious attackers, ensuring the security and trustworthiness of the transaction process.

6.Regular Audits and Transparency:

To enhance transparency and trust, we regularly invite third-party independent audit firms to audit our funds and disclose audit reports, allowing users to clearly understand our financial status and operational situation.

7.Insurance Coverage:

We purchase asset insurance to provide additional protection for user funds against potential security risks and unexpected losses. This further enhances users’ confidence and protection in fund security.

Through these multiple measures and safeguards, Flower Exchange is committed to ensuring the security of user funds, providing a secure, stable trading environment, and high-quality services. We will continue to improve and strengthen fund security measures to meet the needs and expectations of users. Choose Flower Exchange, and you can trade with peace of mind and invest with confidence.

Super Future Trading:

As one of the innovative products offered by Flower Exchange, our proud Super Contracts provide multi-level high leverage, including 500x, 750x, and 1000x. This new trading tool aims to meet the risk preferences and trading strategies of different users, allowing them to adjust leverage levels more freely for more flexible trading.

• 500x Leverage: Provides a balanced choice for users seeking moderate leverage to balance risk and return, suitable for cautious investors.

• 750x Leverage: Offers an ideal choice for traders seeking higher returns while managing relative risks, enhancing trading flexibility.

• 1000x Leverage: Provides substantial leverage for aggressive high-risk, high-return traders to support more challenging market participation strategies.

Copy Trading:

Flower Exchange introduces advanced copy trading functionality, enabling users to seamlessly follow and replicate experienced trading experts. Whether you have a professional trading background or not, through our copy trading feature, you can easily achieve automatic tracking of top traders worldwide, maximizing profits. This feature aims to provide intelligent, efficient trading strategies, offering users a wider range of investment opportunities.

Wealth Management:

Flower Exchange is committed to providing users with comprehensive financial services, thus launching diversified wealth management products. Our wealth management products not only allow you to participate in different investment projects for more comprehensive wealth appreciation but also offer safer and more stable investment options. We understand that investment is not limited to the trading market. Through wealth management products, users can achieve more diversified and secure wealth management.

Flower Exchange is dedicated to innovation, creating a professional and comprehensive crypto trading platform by offering Super future trading, copy trading, wealth management, and other products. Whether you are an aggressive trader, a copy trader, or an investor, Flower Exchange provides ideal investment solutions for you. Join us to explore the future of crypto trading and let your investment bloom.

Overall, Flower Exchange provides a safe, efficient, and smooth trading platform for traders with its rich trading features and excellent service quality. We will continue to strive to continuously improve User Experience and bring you better trading services. Choose Flower Exchange to enjoy a smooth trading experience and achieve your investment dreams!

About the Flower Exchange

Flower Exchange is committed to building a crypto currency trading platform characterized by security, openness, and flexibility. The platform focuses on continuous innovation, focuses on technological research and development, and ensures that users can use cutting-edge features. This commitment to maintaining a leading position in the industry reflects Flower Exchange’s determination to provide excellent crypto currency trading experiences to global users. With its continuous global expansion and business improvement, Flower Exchange will continue to lead the future of crypto currency trading.

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Shocking Incident Unveiled in South Korea! Mysterious Son of North Korean High Official Enters the Country, Rattle the Blockchain Market

In late March, a man named Charles Lee was taken away by the South Korean police, triggering a massive shockwave in the cryptocurrency community. To this day, there is widespread speculation about the background and identity of this mysterious individual, and the valid reason for his apprehension remains undisclosed.

Currently, available information indicates that Charles Lee is the organizer of the MissWeb3 global beauty pageant. MissWeb3 is a worldwide beauty competition combining virtual currency and influencer economy. The audience scrutinizes 300 finalists, and with the MissWeb3 Roma Token ($ROMA), viewers can freely support their favourite contestants. The ultimate winner stands to receive a staggering prize of up to 1499 BTC, equivalent to nearly 800 million Chinese yuan. Charles Lee chose Seoul, South Korea, as the first stop, with subsequent events planned for Paris, London, and Singapore.

The attention generated by the substantial prize of 1499 BTC led to numerous incidents, including server crashes in Singapore and South Korea, registration portal malfunctions, and system failures that have yet to be resolved. Reports suggest this event has reached an estimated 5.2 billion viewers through online platforms.

As the competition’s founder, Charles Lee’s true identity remains a mystery. Does he possess 1499 BTC? This is the initial question that puzzled the public. However, the events that unfolded at the end of March and the subsequent release of information have only deepened the enigma surrounding Charles Lee’s identity.

It is reported that Charles Lee entered South Korea with a Singaporean passport and was later seen at the South Korean National Congress. His purpose for attending the 12th Cultural & Arts Awards in South Korea remains mysterious. Some sources suggest that the police apprehended him simply because the MissWeb3 global beauty pageant caused a stir in the South Korean cryptocurrency market. They required Charles Lee’s cooperation in the investigation to verify the ability to fulfil the promised 1499 BTC.

The final disclosure revealed that Charles Lee successfully proved the authenticity of the prize and announced that the MissWeb3 recruitment event in Dubai would proceed as scheduled.

However, this only intensified people’s curiosity about Charles Lee’s identity. The latest shocking revelation suggests that Charles Lee is, in fact, a direct relative of a high-ranking executive in North Korea, possessing significant financial resources and seeking to make a name for himself through this endeavour. However, reports suggest that he is a South Korean individual from a lower socio-economic background, gradually establishing a presence in the market through attention-grabbing and controversial marketing tactics. Regardless, he has demonstrated the ability to fulfil the promise of 1499 bitcoins and successfully caused a commotion in the cryptocurrency community through the Miss Web3 global beauty pageant.

Currently, the official token, $ROMA, is experiencing a frenzy of sales in South Korea, and the token is freely tradable on the secondary market. Leveraging this highly controversial and sensational event, Roma Coin has quickly become a hot commodity in the cryptocurrency market.

Founder of the MissWeb3 Competition, Charles Lee, Surrounded by Mysteries, Faces Accusations of Being a Top-level Fraudster in South Korea

On April 12, a shocking incident took place on the streets of a renowned wealthy district in South Korea. Amid numerous luxury cars, a man was seen smashing a red Ferrari in public, attracting people’s attention. The man appeared extremely angry, continuously uttering curses, seemingly related to the ongoing MissWeb3 competition.

According to insiders close to the event organizer, the man is a wealthy second-generation individual whose primary purpose was to help the girl he pursued sign up for the South Korean competition, the MissWeb3 beauty pageant. However, during the initial registration phase, severe technical failures occurred, including server crashes, system paralysis, and complete breakdowns, resulting in repeated delays in the registration process. In the second round of registration for the beauty pageant, the wealthy individual had high hopes. Still, the voting system crashed again, leaving him utterly humiliated. The informant stated that the man, consumed by anger and shame, drove to the location of the MissWeb3 competition and smashed the Ferrari belonging to the founder of the event, Charles Lee. The individual has reported the incident to the police, and further developments await official notification from law enforcement.

This incident has again stirred up the cryptocurrency community, with a tidal wave of doubts and scepticism directed towards Charles Lee. Many suspect that the person who created the MissWeb3 competition is nothing more than a complete fraudster.

More valid progress must be provided if we examine the MissWeb3 competition from the beginning. Serious technical issues arose during the initial registration phase. At the end of March, Charles Lee was taken into custody by the South Korean police. With the second round of registration encountering another mysterious failure and a series of accidents and delays plaguing the event, doubts and questions continue to mount.

Some question Charles Lee’s capabilities and argue that the MissWeb3 competition is merely a facade. At the same time, the Roma coin is a scam on par with the Luna token. Those who hold this viewpoint claim that the car Charles Lee had smashed was rented, and the repeated failures to open registration were due to his lack of technical expertise. Once registration is available, his incompetence will be proved. Although he demonstrated the ability to fulfil the 1,499 BTC prize, he has no substantial assets because he borrowed Bitcoin. Each time he appears on camera, he is clad in a yellow shirt, white pants, and white shoes, neither high-end nor representing the characteristics of an IT professional, indicating that he can’t even afford a decent outfit.

Some speculate that Charles Lee’s nationality and background remain mysterious because he is a South Korean with Singaporean citizenship, hailing from a humble background and relying on scams to reach his current position. Some even launch personal attacks against Charles Lee, referring to him as a “stinky monk” and suggesting a chaotic personal life, portraying him as a typical swindler.

Others believe that these criticisms are excessively harsh and that the release of Charles Lee by the South Korean police indicates that his ability to fulfil the 1,499 BTC prize has been confirmed, at least with regard to his asset capabilities. The reason for the extensive scepticism lies in the frequent mishaps of the MissWeb3 competition. If it can operate smoothly, all doubts will dissipate.

It is evident that with the integration of blockchain and influencer economics, the MissWeb3 competition has garnered significant attention. Countless people have eagerly signed up, with an estimated global reach of over 5.2 billion. However, the website’s constant inability to reopen registration and consistent crashes raise doubts about the capabilities of the event organizers. In the world of cryptocurrencies, where there is a mix of honest and deceitful individuals, it is crucial for viewers to remain vigilant and cautious. Charles Lee can quickly bring the Miss Web3 competition back on track and clarify the rumours.

Miss Web3 Korean Station Incident: Li Yunfeng’s Coup Attempt Exposed

Amid global attention, the Miss Web3 global debut in Seoul, South Korea, showcased significant commercial value, attracting participation from MCN agencies and internet companies from multiple countries. The unexpectedly high demand placed immense pressure on the event organizers, necessitating an expansion of talent to handle the sudden surge in cooperation needs.

1. Charles Lee Delegates Authority, Ambitious Li Yunfeng Seizes Opportunity for Power Grab

In this scenario, Charles Lee, the global head of Miss Web3, appointed Li Yunfeng, Phd at UCLA, as the head of the Korean station to oversee the specific affairs of the Seoul competition. As the commercial value of Miss Web3 continued to rise, coupled with the enormous potential of the local beauty economy in South Korea, Li Yunfeng, a scheming opportunist, began to waver in his loyalty and disregarded his commercial contract with the organizers.

Driven by immense temptation, Dr. Li Yunfeng chose to betray Charles Lee. He embezzled the organizers’ reputation and brand resources, organizing another beauty pageant in South Korea under the guise of Miss Web3, with all expenses borne by the organizers while he kept all profits. This caused significant damage to Miss Web3’s brand reputation.

2. Li Yunfeng’s Disregard for Business Ethics Earns Disdain from Korean Partners, Charles Lee Learns the Truth

Upon learning the truth, the Korean partners chose to promptly inform Charles Lee. Despite his anger, Charles Lee maintained maximum restraint and, while confronting Li Yunfeng, offered him a dignified way out, such as continuing as a consultant with a high salary.

Li Yunfeng, having violated laws, regulations, and business contracts, avoided the organizers’ inquiries while using the disruption of the April 13th Miss Web3 offline cooperation event as leverage, forcing Charles Lee to concede control of the Miss Web3 event in South Korea.

Charles Lee firmly refused this unreasonable demand and calmly confronted Li Yunfeng’s threats. However, with Li Yunfeng already controlling the April 13th Seoul station event, team members still doubted Charles Lee’s warning plans, as Li Yunfeng’s influence had permeated all aspects of the Korean station.

3. Li Yunfeng’s Threats Ultimately Fail, But Charles Lee Grants Him a Dignified Exit

During the April 13th event, Li Yunfeng attempted to force Charles Lee to publicly announce his takeover of the Korean station. However, Charles Lee, experienced in global business warfare, had already prepared cooperation terms with top local lawyers to ensure the event’s control remained firmly in the hands of the organizers.

Therefore, at the event, all participants and media quietly followed Charles Lee’s instructions, leaving Li Yunfeng surprised when he was informed on-site by Charles Lee’s lawyer that he had been dismissed.

Later, Li Yunfeng learned from the media and MCN partners he had persuaded earlier that Charles Lee had orchestrated the charade to preserve Li Yunfeng’s last shred of dignity and hoped he would regain his business ethics through this lesson.

Why MIT Ph.D. Drops Promising Career to Dive into the Cryptocurrency Beauty Pageant MissWeb3?

The definition of beauty is diverse, and life offers a multitude of choices. When the MIT PhD boarded the plane from Boston to South Korea, her life underwent a complete transformation.

“After earning enough for five years’ tuition in just two days as an internet celebrity and leaving a profound mark on the blockchain and beauty industry, I want to prove that unconventional paths can lead to extraordinary success,” she said.

Recently, this MIT PhD has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community. As an intellectual woman, her life was on a smooth trajectory. However, rather than following the conventional path, she wanted to live a remarkable life on her terms. She took a leap of faith and travelled thousands of kilometres to South Korea to participate in the Miss Web3 beauty pageant.

This event is currently one of the hottest projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, not only because of the beauty pageant itself but also due to its staggering super jackpot pool of 800 million Chinese yuan. The organizers deeply integrate virtual currencies with the influencer economy, taking TikTok as a benchmark. They selected 300 finalists to participate in the beauty pageant held in various locations worldwide. Users can vote for their favourite contestants by exchanging or purchasing $ROMA tokens. The ultimate winner will receive a super jackpot of up to 1,499 BTC.

The 1,499 BTC super jackpot has captured global attention, with an online reach of up to 5.2 billion. Founder Charles Lee even boldly proclaimed slogans like “overtake TikTok” and “empower female influence.” During the initial registration period, a massive influx of users caused server crashes and malfunctioning entry portals. Charles Lee himself was unexpectedly taken into custody for investigation by the police. Despite numerous controversies and doubts, the Miss Web3 beauty pageant continues to gain popularity. As a circulating token, the ROMA Token experienced a speculative frenzy in South Korea and is now freely traded in the secondary market, gradually becoming a competitive cryptocurrency.

The MIT PhD’s bold move further fuels the popularity of this sensational event. Key players in Miss Web3 are Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and users. The “PhD” and “MIT” halo surrounding her adds more elements to the beauty pageant and addresses the concerns of feminists. The passionate pursuit of this PhD by users has made her a beneficiary of this competition. According to her, a top-ranking internet influencer showered her with millions of dollars within two days. She has always been interested in and passionate about Bitcoin, and the myth of getting rich in the cryptocurrency industry has finally come true. “With my expertise and unique charm, supported by the audience, I will strive to win this enticing award,” she declared.

Since the beginning of this year, the cryptocurrency market has entered a new bull market. The actions of this PhD are attracting more people to imitate and follow suit. Some are destined to become wealthy within this walled city, while others may return empty-handed.

The Founder of MissWeb3 Taken Away by Police, $ROMA Had Been Selling Like Hot Cakes in Korea.

At around 13:30 local time on March 31, South Korean police took away two corporate executives, one of them Charles Lee, from the scene of ETH Week Seoul. The takeaway was allegedly to assist in investigating a hefty prize pool of up to 1,499 BTC in the Miss Web3 campaign, which has now come to a standstill regarding Miss Web3-related activities.

A person in a uniform walking on a street

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Miss Web3 is a global beauty contest born from the profound combination of virtual currency and the cyber economy. The audience will scrutinise three hundred finalists, and with the Miss Web3 Roman Chain Coin ROMA, the audience is free to support their contestants. The final winner will receive a massive prize of 1,499 BTC. The Miss Web3 will be held in four places worldwide, with the first stop in Seoul, South Korea, followed by stops in Paris, London and Singapore, where 5.2 billion people are online alone.

As the official tokens of Miss Web3, $RCC&$ROMA will undoubtedly realise its potential in the combination of physical offline activities, where viewers can obtain $ROMA through redemption and purchase and experience the sense of accomplishment of bringing their favourite contestants to the championship podium. Through close communication with the players, the audience will understand companionship and acquisition, which will be fed back into the competition, further stimulating the activity of $RCC & $ROMA. The recent hot sales in Korea have proved the feasibility of this model.

Co-founder Charles Lee was taken away from the event site this time, leaving the industry with confusing clouds of suspicion. The large prize pool of 1,499BTC has become the centre of attention in the industry; when did the flow of such a large amount of tokens occur? When did the flow of such a large amount of tokens arise, and where did it come from? Each of these questions needs to be resolved, and the outcome of this event will undoubtedly be the key to determining Miss Web3’s development prospects. In the Miss Web3 campaign, the prize money is a vital part of promoting the actual landing of the blockchain. Presumably, it will undoubtedly pour cold water on the market. The combination of the project and the offline physical activities, as well as the market investment, will become more and more cautious.

The opening of Miss Web3 Korea is just around the corner; countless pairs of eyes in the industry are paying attention to the development of the incident, many conspiracy theories are clamouring, whether it’s a financial problem or a power struggle, whether the incident will become the impetus for Miss Web3 to ride high, or whether it will be the death knell of Miss Web3, the “competition” is no longer just a “beauty contest” on the stage, but also a “boxing match” off the stage, everyone has become the witness of this ring. The “competition” is no longer just a “beauty contest” on stage. Still, there is also a “boxing match” under the stage, and everyone has become a witness to this ring.

Regardless of the event’s outcome, Miss Web3’s popularity in Korea brings too much inspiration to the industry. Anchoring the Netflix economy in South Korea, where the entertainment industry is well developed but needs to sound more familiar, is an uncharted vision for the blockchain field. In Korea’s extremely complete talent show and beauty contest industry chain, Miss Web3 introduces it into the crypto world. She accurately transmits the audience layer, which injects new vitality into the South Korean entertainment industry that has gradually fallen into rigidity and makes the crypto world ignite a new wind, resulting in the effect of 1+1>2. Not only that but due to the replicability of the model, global expansion is bound to be worth watching, so it’s easy to see why $RCC & $ROMA have become such a hit with investors today.