Anything for PC games,Players who know a little bit about racing games on the PC will not have heard of Need for Speed.The first Need for Speed first landed on 3DO consoles and Windows PCs in 1994,Then “Need for Speed” became a pioneer in the racing game market.It’s undeniable,Need for Speed is a successful racing game,Over the past 20 years, numerous sequels have spawned,Once far behind similar competitors,its delicate control,dynamic music,The exquisite graphics and high-quality images have captured the hearts of countless players who like racing games.

POWER FOR SPEED (abbreviation: PFS),By the “Need for Speed” development team,A metaverse RAC game developed by the American Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) team.Based on the traditional racing game of PFS,Will build a smart chain based on Binance BSC,The blockchain decentralized game financial ecology composed of NFT+GAMEFI.A16Z, Blackstone Capital and other leading chain game institutions strategically lead the investment in PFS,Will actively participate in the ecological construction of the PFS community and the operation and management of the guild.

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The PFS metaverse racing game takes the race track from the palatial metropolis to the most dangerous canyon section in the world,Players can add new patterns to their cars and improve their racing gear.The holographic competition environment using AR technology,A full-scale replica of the world’s top supercar simulation configuration and performance, bringing a fast and passionate driving experience, allowing all game participants to get the thrill of speed racing.PFS is applicable to the Windows PC platform, as well as mainstream game consoles such as PS series, XBOX360, and Switch.

The core of the PFS metaverse racing game lies in the continuous expansion of application scenarios.It not only allows players to experience and consume, but also has a brand-new Play to Earn economic model, which will eventually develop into the consumption and production of the future metaversePFS is developing in the direction of 3A masterpieces with more playability and higher quality,In addition, the deflationary P2E economic mechanism endows the PFS project development with sustainability,Give full play to the composability of Game/DeFi/NFT,Build a sustainable economic system and game ecology with greater development potential.

The total circulation of PFS metaverse racing game platform token FT is 500 billion,70% of the FT will be produced in the game through racing NFT competition,The remaining 30% of FT will be allocated 10% by the foundation, technical maintenance team, and community ecological rewards, locked for fifteen years, and released linearly.

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In the PFS metaverse racing game, players use FT tokens to purchase PFS racing NFTs, and use the racing NFTs to play the game will receive in-game props token GT rewards (props token GT can be exchanged for platform token FT at any time).There are hundreds of concept models and traditional classic models in the PFS game. Different NFT racing cars have different power performance and different service periods.Players cannot upgrade NFT cars, but can own multiple NFT cars at the same time. At the same time, after the player owns the NFT racing car, recommending new players to purchase the NFT racing car to participate in the game can get reward airdrops.

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There are various ways of playing in the PFS metaverse racing game. Players can mainly participate in PVE and PVP.

PVE, PVP competitive mode:

In the PVE mode, players compete with AI smart racing cars, and they can obtain GT rewards for challenging customs clearance. GT can be used to directly exchange platform token FT, and FT can be used to buy new racing NFT or participate in other DeFi applications on the PFS platform;

In the PVP competitive mode, players compete against other online players, and the winner will receive the GT bet by the other player as a reward, and accumulate season results. Every PK is a battle for honor and rewards.

PFS uses blockchain as the underlying technology, a new metaverse racing game that combines NFT and DeFi reward systems, and cuts into the cryptocurrency market in the form of a 3A-level “Need for Speed” racing game, providing car enthusiasts and racing enthusiasts. A platform for competitive entertainment, social networking and financial services.It is reported that the PFS metaverse racing game is planned to be officially launched in the near future, opening a new pattern of racing chain games.

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