ForMetas – the first Web3 aggregated entertainment application platform

ForMetas – the first Web3 aggregated entertainment application platform

The largest change to the Internet since the smartphone is about to happen, and it’s called Web3.


ForMetas think that cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the “metaverse” have a bright future, and they will have significant business, consumer, and cultural ramifications.


And For Metas is going to be on the wave, right now – ForMetas have an opportunity to actually build a better Web3.


ForMetaslcome to For Metas initiative

The ambitious goal of For Metas is to define and create a Web3 entertainment ecosystem. Through a Web3-native infrastructure, the project will assist users from the entertainment sector in making the switch from Web2 to Web3.


This is what ForMetas are building: an aggregated application platform that provides a seamless and engaging entertainment experience for users. 


ForMetas are eager to begin our journey in the Web3 entertainment industry and will make every effort to support and foster a thriving community of creators, influencers, and users.


Our goal is to build a one-stop hub for users to gain access to various entertainment resources including but not limited to blockchain games, live streaming, social Dapp, metaverse and AR/VR within one platform in a fast, secured, permissionless, incentivized and decentralized way.


All you can imagine in our platform

Never before has entertainment services been so prevalent in daily life. They fundamentally altered how people listen to and watch media to the point where they completely transformed the entertainment sector and drastically altered the relationship between consumers and producers.


If you find yourself dividing your time between your computer, your games console, your streaming application and your stereo, then read on; ForMetas have precious advice for you. The world is rapidly moving towards unifying all of the media you use, and adjusting to that trend is becoming more a necessity than just a fashion.


ForMetas aim to bring together specialists from many sectors to create Web3-native entertainment ecosystem! Gaming, streaming, and virtual life.Create, listen to, watch, and play many forms of entertainment with us

ForMetas bring together everything you require to have fun and entertain yourself, engage, monetize, and build relationships with the communities.


For Metas business unbundling

For Metas will keep breaking apart the many parts of the entertainment industry. This encompasses the application development, production, distribution, and monetization of content.

Application Development & Production: For Metas will create advanced and innovative Web3 entertainment decentralized applications using a variety of industrial resources and high-level talents.


Distribution: For Metas distribute content utilizing a highly-motivated, transparent and cost-efficient way, ForMetas also provide a creative way for users to distribute their own creative content including but not limited to art,music,podcast, and other experiences peer-to-peer using smart contracts.


Monetization: Both entertainment content creators and content consumers can have their own digital economies. By utilizing $4MW tokens, anyone can profit directly and sustainably from the ecosystem


Interoperability is Coming

In order to establish a solid foundation and pioneer some of the most powerful Web3 initiatives, the most successful Web3 developers have worked tirelessly for years. For Metas is happy to have contributed to a significant amount of this foundation. It’s time to put everything together in a way that is user-friendly, appealing, and convincing for beginners.


For Metas see the potential for NFTs to effectively replace a large portion of the traditional in-game microtransaction infrastructure.Players may now completely move their virtual inventory outside of their individual games since buyer identification is no longer limited to an in-game persona. This will largely enable interoperability  across different games, even different modules launched on For Metas. Just imagine using the same avatar or same game equipment across all games on For Metas.

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