FASTFS speed and passion, creating a new horizon of metaverse NFT

Racing is almost every man’s dream. In the classic movie “The Fast and the Furious”, you can enjoy unlimited freedom by holding the steering wheel, listening to the roar of the racing car and fighter engine, and galloping on the dangerous and exciting track as you like.

FASTFS uses multi-chain + cross-chain high-end technology to combine racing, NFT, metaverse, and blockchain to create a blockchain social ecology based on NFT and metaverse for the Internet of Everything, through the integration of NFT, metaverse and social media , enabling the virtual and the networked to make social-centric networking more relevant and valuable by bringing together people, processes, data, and things.

FASTFS pays tribute to the biggest movie IP of the 21st century – the Fast and the Furious series! With the revolutionary IP of speed and passion as the core, FASTFS has created a new NFT digital blind box, which includes a variety of character cards and car cards.


FASTFS will create the corresponding NFT blind box ecology according to the “Fast and Furious” series of movies. The NFT assets opened by the blind box are printed with non-homogeneous characteristics, each of which has a different style and releases free personality. In FASTFS, all players can participate in the blind box extraction of FASTFS, and obtain limited-edition character card NFTs and racing NFTs. After the blind box is opened, not only can they get the corresponding card rewards, but also can enjoy the LP pledge mining income, users can also They can be sold to others for profit through the marketplace. Even crypto enthusiasts who don’t want to play racing games can trade and collect these digital assets as NFTs.

Based on the development of Binance Chain, FASTFS token is a digital asset in global circulation, with a total circulation of 100 million pieces, constant issuance, and never additional issuance; deflation mechanism, deflation stops at 51 million pieces, the ultimate deflation mechanism plus with the FASTFS community The growing popularity of FASTFS will continue to empower these assets, and the value of the FASTFS token will rise. Holding FASTFS can also participate in more centralized DEFI+Web3.0+chain games+NFT+metaverse ecosystem.

You can also participate in various activities and voting in the community, DeFi and NFT ecology, including decentralized financial pledge, liquidity, Web social networking, chain games, NFT and many other parts, provide power for transactions on the chain, and also support future FASTFS More application scenarios for the community.

FASTFS started with NFT, but its speed and passion will burn to the entire blockchain industry. Through a unique economic structure, it provides a financial service system for car enthusiasts and racing enthusiasts to earn while playing, so that players can truly own Ownership of NFT assets and long-term benefits.


FASTFS inherits the free spirit of speed and passion, breaks the status quo of unequal value and price, and allows the entire ecological value to be properly reflected.

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